Meditation & sleep pods, designed to reset your senses and improve mental wellbeing.

Photo by David Sjunnesson on Unsplash

Inspired by Chinese Yinshis; honoured individuals who lived on the outskirts of towns, often in a simple mountain hut, to find inner enrichment and peace.

Dedicated, private spaces, for relaxing into a deep and soothing meditation or nap.

Without worry of being observed, interrupted or judged.


We’re helping people and cities to be calmer and happier, by improving access to meditation and rest.

Stress is driving us into an early grave, with a staggering 59% of employees experiencing harmful effects from high-stress.

Meditation is proven to reduce stress – by making the amygdala less reactive and improving our emotional regulation.

But how many workplaces have suitable spaces to meditate?

Pod specs

Made from calming natural materials.

Designed to enhance meditation and napping, and can be used for most restorative practices.

Compact footprint.

Noise dampening and adjustable lighting.

iPod with guided meditations and calming sounds.

Wheelchair accessible.

Free guided meditations

Kerry Stevenson, aka Mind over Monkey, is a level 2 MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) coach and also an MSc in Neuroscience.

Together we’ve created 3 soothing meditations to help with stress, anxiety, stress and creativity.

Kerry has been generous enough to donate those meditations in 10 and 20 minute versions. Just click on the links to listen, or right click to download (by selecting ‘Save link as’). We hope these help, and do let us know if you have any feedback.

Stress Meditation – 20 mins

Stress Meditation – 10 mins

Creativity – 20 mins

Creativity – 10 mins

Anxiety – 20 mins

Anxiety – 10 mins

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